As night descends, and the safety of daylight is no more, the mist gathers slowly and the story of our evening begins. Storyteller, Magician and Professor of the human condition, Dr John unravels the intricacies of our souls, and beguiles us with the mysterious confoundery of the Magicians art.

His style is unconventional, and his character comes straight from the archives of Victorian melodrama - but these are not parlour games . . oh no.

Quietly astounding - he will, over the course of an evenings entertainment, challenge the very foundations of your understanding of the physical world, so much so that perhaps one day you will tell your grandchildren of the evening you spent in the company of Dr John

His time is best spent after dinner - or at that time in the gathering of guests where the conversation has waned, and we look to him for distractions and provocative happenings. He will present you with an evenng you will never forget - Trust him he's a Doctor.

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